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Meet Uzoma Obilor
I’m a professional natural bodybuilder.
I’ve been weightlifting/bodybuilding for over 10 years. It’s my absolute passion.
I’ve competed in 7 different bodybuilding competitions, and was able to achieve my IFBB pro card by the age of 21 in the Classic Physique division. I will always and forever remain a drug free athlete (100% natural).
I will be sharing my nutritional guidance, my workout programs, and workout techniques that have helped me reach my potential, so you too can maximize your potential in the gym and get you the results that you want; whether that’s building muscle, shredding fat, or just becoming a stronger, healthier version of you.
I’ll be posting 4-12 week 5 day workout split programs, as well as my daily workouts that I personally do.
I workout 5 days a week at least!
Along with that, I’ll post tons of videos explaining form, and mind-muscle connection techniques that will surely help you secure those gains in the gym!
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